Table of contents

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Chapter 1: A Sense of Place Through Art

Chapter 2: Maine Maps

  1. Navigating to a Sense of Place
  2. Inspirational Artist: Mildred Burrage: 
  3. Memory Map Art Lesson
  4. Community Connection: Share Your Memory

Chapter 3: Wabanaki Baskets

  1. About the Baskets
  2. Inspirational Artist: Jennifer Sapiel Neptune (Penobscot) 
  3. Natural Materials Art Lesson
  4. Community Connection: The Emerald Ash Borer Beetle

Chapter 4: Maine’s Wildlife

  1. Finding out About Maine’s Diverse Wildlife
  2. Inspirational Artist: Bernard Langlais 
  3. Wildlife Relief Art Lesson 
  4. Community Connection: Winter Homes for Cats

 Chapter 5: Maine’s Botanical Heritage

  1. Maine Apples in History
  2. Inspirational Artist: Kate Furbish
  3.  Botanical Drawing Lesson
  4. Community Connection: Bangor Land Trust Edible Landscape Project

 Chapter 6: Maine’s Industrial Heritage

  1. Crossing Bridges of Time: Waterville, Maine and the Two Cent Bridge
  2. Inspirational Artist: Daniel Minter
  3. History Collage Art Lesson
  4. Community Connection: Clean Up Mural